What is Credibull?

Credibull is a browser tool that helps you decide the trustworthiness of science information at a glance.

Every day we use online science information to make decisions about our lives and our families. 

  • Should I vaccinate my kids
  • How safe are genetically modified crops? 
  • Does this cause cancer?
  • Is climate change real? 

So how do you know what to trust? There’s so much stuff, and just because it ranks top in a search or a friend shared it on social media doesn’t mean it’s good science. 

Just load Credibull in your browser and things get easier. Credibull automatically assesses online science-based information and gives it a score (out of 10) based on factors like author credentials, when and where it’s published and peer review. That can help you decide what to trust and what to be wary of. 

Credibull is also a great tool for showing kids that everything on the internet is not equal, and teaching them how to research reliable information for school. 

You always need to make your own judgements about what you read, but Credibull is a handy guide to separating the trustworthy science from … well … the bull.

Credibull’s creator is Jacinta Legg

Jacinta’s a passionate science communicator with more than 15 years experience. She has worked for some of the most respected science organisations in Australia and internationally.